The Best Fence Materials For Dealing With Spring Pollen

Keep Your Spring Fencing Cleanup To A Minimum This Spring

With the advent of Spring finally here, homeowners can cross their fingers and hope that their snow blowers and plows can return to their garage until next Winter, but the new season brings its own set of challenges to those pursuing a spotless landscape. This month marks the beginning of pollen season in New England, which can coat fences with thick, unsightly layers of the yellow particulate as well as dirt and yard clippings. If you’re preparing to install a new fence for your home and you live in the Northeast, its best that you consider this issue that stretches from the beginning of Spring to the middle of Autumn when discussing with your options with a fencing company. Here are the best fencing materials for easy cleanup all year long.

Vinyl Fencing Spring Fencing Company

Vinyl Fencing – A Quick Spray Away From Spotless

Vinyl fencing is the absolute best option if you’re looking to minimize the amount of scrubbing and cleanup from your weekly yard work checklist. It looks perpetually new and shiny without the need for staining or painting, and its sleek surface allows you to merely hose off most dirt and debris from the Spring and Summer weather. Only stickier substances like tree sap or bird waste would require more thorough cleaning, but even that will require less work than grooved materials like wood. Pick a vinyl fence from your Spring fencing company for your next home investment to keep an effortlessly neat and clean looking yard.

Aluminum Fencing – Keep It Sleek & Simple For Low Maintenance

If vinyl fencing doesn’t match your desired aesthetic, aluminum is your next best bet. While aluminum fencing can come in a variety of shades and colors, they tend to favor darker colors like black or slate gray, which will show less dirt but more pollen. This is something to consider when designing your new yard. That being said, aluminum and even iron fences are nearly as easy to clean as vinyl, assuming that the shapes and interlocking aspects of the pickets aren’t overly complex. More ornate designs are going to require more manual washing whereas your standard aluminum picket fence will require less work. If you can find a happy medium between all of these design factors, an aluminum fence should hold up well against years of Springtime washes and Winter plowing alike.

Chain Link Fences – Complex But Manageable

While it isn’t your best option for easy cleanup, you can maintain your chain link fence as long as you have the proper equipment and water pressure. As stated with the more ornate aluminum fencing options, pollen and particulates are harder to simply wash and wipe away from a fence as the surface becomes more complex. The grooves and interlocking links can hold onto contaminants and prove to be resilient homes for pollen, but a high pressure hose can level the playing field. Chain link fences are notoriously sturdy and can hold up well to pressure washers and industrial strength hoses where vinyl or wood may falter. If you dream of the aesthetic or added security of a chain link fence for your property, you just need to account for stronger washing and the occasional scrub to keep it clean and presentable. Discuss this with your Spring fencing company for the best fit.

Heavily Sealed Wooden Fencing – Proper Treatment Is Essential

Wooden fences can be absolutely beautiful at their best, but they can become susceptible to cracks, dirt, pollen, moss, and wood rot if they are not properly treated. More organic fences have deep grooves to house contaminants and less protection and resilience against the elements than metal or vinyl fencing materials. The short term classic beauty of a wood fence can quickly turn into long term vulnerabilities that will take away value and aesthetic charm from your property rather than add to it. The more exposed the wood is, the less time it will take to become dirty and the longer it will take to clean. If you want a wooden fence, make sure that there is a thick, formidable sealant that will keep those grooves from playing a role in your fence’s demise and make it easier to rinse and wash your fence during pollen season.

No matter which material you choose for your new fence, make sure that you’re working with an expert fencing company that you can trust. Geary Fence & Installer Services is a Spring fencing company that will help you find the best combination of materials and design to highlight the best aspects of your property and ensure a great investment built to last for many years (and seasons) to come.

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Geary Fence & Installer Services is a family owned and operated full-service fence company specializing in residential and commercial fence of all styles and types. If you’re thinking of installing a new fence or pool enclosure, call the local experts at Geary Fence & Installers today!

Professional Fence Installation

Geary Fence & Installer Services are a family owned and operated full-service fence company specializing in residential and commercial fencing of all styles and types. If you’re thinking of installing a new fence or pool enclosure, call the local experts at Geary Fence & Installers today!